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Dr. Alan MacDonald's "A Brief History of Lyme Disease"

Long term antibiotic therapy may be an effective treatment for children co-morbid with Lyme disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Our own Judith Weeg, President of the LDUC...Judith Weeg wrote the attached paper as a contribution to the 2010 Institute of Medicine meeting in Washington DC. The 2010 Institute of Medicine meeting was a historical gathering of participants from CDC, IDSA, NIH, ILADS, and National Capital Lyme Disease Association. The conclusion: Dr. Paul Meade (CDC) dated: “Lyme disease is an epidemic.” Read about the meeting at:  The patient stories may have the name or location of the patient changed to honor the privacy of the patient. SEE BELOW ATTACHED ARTICLE

Study Suggests Elevated Body Temperature Aids Antibiotics Against Lyme Disease | Sunlighten

Deer Ticks Carry Yet Another Bacterial Threat: MedlinePlus
Judith Weeg,
Mar 25, 2013, 10:03 AM