About The Lyme Disease United Coalition and its President

Lyme Disease United Coalition
The Lyme Disease United Coalition is a 501 (C) (3) Non Profit corporation-tax exempt. The mission of the Lyme Disease United Coalition (LDUC) is to advocate for patients who have tick-borne illness resulting in Lyme Disease (Ld), Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, Tularemia, Powassan Encephalitis, Q Fever, or Ehrlichia. The care of the Lyme disease patient is our number one priority , throughout the United States, Canada, and the remainder of the world.  The LDUC’s purpose, secondarily, is to educate the public and physicians regarding the emergence of tick-borne illness throughout the world.
Judith Weeg, President LDUC
Judith Weeg is formerly with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). She has suffered from chronic Lyme disease for 18+ years. During this time she led the LDA of Iowa and created the LDUC, a global organization. The motto at the top of the LDUC letterhead defines the mission of the LDUC:"Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world.  And, whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world."  [Talmud] 

The LDUC works hand-in-hand with ILADS, a physician training group, and locates doctors to go to training in the. For physician training… Go to www.ILADS.org.

The LDUC is an international organization, with support groups in the United States and Canada. Our estimated population is 150,000 and growing. This encompasses support group members, as well as patients calling from a worldwide population. We have been in existence for 19 years, evolving from the LDA of Iowa.


1.     A Bill was introduced into Congress regarding doctor education, for Lyme disease, following ILADS guidelines. The Bill is pending.

2.     Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, have been champions of the cause of the Lyme Disease United Coalition. Senator Grassley submitted the LDUC’s Bill to Congress.

3.     Pending projects are a combination Lyme hospital and nursing home, which will open in 2013. 

4.     We honor ILADS, and work to locate doctors for education at ILADS. We have sent numerous physicians from various countries, over the years, to be trained by ILADS. Our most recent request, to be trained by ILADS, is from a doctor in Croatia. ILADS has a global recognition. 

5.     The purpose of our organization is to follow our motto: "Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And, whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world." [Talmud] and to leave no stone unturned in the care of a Lyme patient. We aid Ld patients in getting Disability, Social Services, as well as covering every need a patient may express. We have covered medical costs, moving costs, rental costs, and transportation for Ld patients.

6.     Other accomplishments: we added provinces in Canada to our organizational list this year. Gordon Anderson and Liz Woods, the government liaison for Lyme disease, have aided in making change in Canada for Lyme disease patients, along with Dr. Murakami. It is now established, that, all naturopaths can prescribe antibiotics across Canada. Through Gordon Anderson, the LDUC will be printing doctors' offices pads with LDUC and ILADS information on doctor training for the United States and Canada…via a donation from a Canadian printer... with thousands of pads that we can distribute between the United States and Canada for physicians' offices.

7.     The country of Belgium has recently linked to the LDUC, and will soon have support groups.

8.     The LDUC has aided in the editing and promotion of Dr. Burton Waisbren, Sr's. historically important book: TREATMENT OF CHRONIC LYME DISEASE.

9.      We have educated 40,000 farmers at a worldwide agricultural event in Iowa, with brochures from the LDUC and ILADS, as well as with displays of Lyme disease posters.

10. We have created telephone conference support groups for bed-ridden or home-bound patients. We now have a Morgellans group, a young adult group, and an adult group, meetings once per week.

11. We have physical support groups in various states and Canada with approximately 50 chapters between the two countries.

12. The LDUC has interfaced with Health Departments and Governors, as well Medical Boards in most states, to change the face of Lyme disease treatment. The most recent interaction is in New York State in dealing with Governor Cuomo, legislators, and entomologists at the bequest of our great New York leader, Eva Haughie, regarding Lyme disease.

13. Judith Weeg is publishing a series of books, for children and teens in Canada and United States – currently being published. These books are to be distributed in 2013. Each book is age appropriate, for young children up to high school age teens.